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We are trial attorneys with over 25 years of experience. 

We both began our legal careers as JAGs in the United State Air Force. After serving on active duty, both attorneys entered private practice in Idaho.  John Miller in 1999, Jeff Harr in 2003.

We have handled a wide variety cases in our careers, but eventually narrowed our fields of practice to best provide effective representation in a few select areas of the law:

Domestic Relations,

Criminal Defense, and

Personal Injury.

We chose to practice in these areas because we want to be make a difference in the outcome of a case.  We like our clients and believe in their cause.  We know people are best served by attorneys who know the law, listen to the client, and then advocate aggressively.

The legal system today drives most cases to resolve by negotiation or mediation.  We fully support our clients’ participation in these efforts to resolve matters without trial.  However, you cannot expect fair results in any form of dispute resolution if the opposing party knows you are unwilling or unprepared to have the case tried to Judge or Jury.  You need to know your attorney is willing, able, and ready for trial.  You make sure you are.